SG-Designs, Smashin' Glass Designs

Leaded Glass, Tiffany, Design, restauration and placement

The interaction of light and glass has always fascinated me. The way a source of light makes glass come alive.
Whilst living in England I used to visit litlle churches and big cathedrals to, every time again, be captivated by the magic of light and glass.

When working on a commission I work closely together with the client, to make sure the translation of idea to product is what the client has in mind. The client might have definate ideas concerning design, or on the other hand might just have a vague idea and wants me to work it out.
Sometimes colours are the dominant factor, but equally so it can be the shape and lines of a design.
My own ideas come forth from different sources, like a beautiful story, a trip to Iceland to admire the landscape and ofcourse the Northern Lights, but equally so it can be an everyday object that suddenly presents itself in a different light.