Adam's Journey

Adam’s Journey is the story of the then 19 yr old son of a friend of mine in Australia.
On a long bustrip, he overheard a conversation of a blind man and his (6 yr old) grandson sitting in front of him.
The old man asked his grandson to discribe the scenery outside. He replied that everything was lovely and green, children playing in the shade of a tree, dogs prancing about and people riding horseback.

In reality everthing was burnt, it being mid-summer and 41C. Not an animal or child to be seen. The grandson made the world a better place to be.
Adam’s Journey consists of 2 windows, one is in ochre colours depicting the reality and one window in green colours depicting the fantasyworld of the boy.
The skyline and fencework are the same in both windows. But because they are placed about 3 inches apart, what you see changes all the time.